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  1. My mom has cancer and is going through radiation wondering what I can to help her through this, wondering if you can help.

    • Thank you Michelle for reaching out. Understanding the importance of pH balanced eating and foods that are alkaline forming to support a diet that does not support cancer cells will help stabilize your Mom before, during and after treatment. Research has shown that cancer cells grow in an acidic environment put cannot exist in an alkaline base. Supporting diet with an alkaline approach, more vegetables, more hydration, supplement with plant based minerals, is a real positive approach to supporting a cancer patient back to good health. Contact me when you can, my email is Also, if you are in the Northeast Pennsylvania region, come to the Natural Health Clinic I hosting November 8th, 10-4, free to the public, great educational speakers, demonstrations and vendors. I would be glad to have the opportunity to help you. – Donna

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