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No Dieting… No Joking!  Restore your body’s amazing ability to heal, maintain healthy weight, balance blood sugar and reverse illness and disease.  This book was written to show you the easiest and quickest way to improve your health… and it’s FREE! Here’s the LINK:

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    • Thank you for commenting on my site. I have a book coming out this year with Morgan James Publishing and will let you know when it finally arrives!

  1. Donna – I’m ready to do another 21 day diet on cleaning my brain. It has been about a year since the first time. I don’t need anything but the schedule, foods and amounts. I am a believer. However, I am in Annapolis, MD and the information I need is up at Elk Lake. So, do you have a site wherein I could download just the part of what foods and how much of each every day for the 21 days. Thanks so much. PS I was not in PA for your last get together in Tunkhannock. JoeMcCann

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