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HEALTHY PANTRY SELECTION…. HEALTHY YOU!  Download my FREE Pantry List and clean your cupboards… so you only have the good stuff!

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5 thoughts on “Free Pantry List

  1. Hi Donna, I have severe health problems. Can you tell me if you do private consultation. I live in Tunkhannock. I read your book No Dieting No Joke. I was amazed at the simple things I can do to change my life. Thank You for writing this and I picked it up in Dr Herbeners office.

    • Hello Candy – I was working on my website and found your inquiry from March! It was in a place that I don’t usually look for messages and really not sure why, technology is beyond me sometimes – I feel bad to have missed this and would love to talk with you any time. My cell # is 570-840-3580. I do a free health seminar once a month at ProCare at 25 West Street, Tunkhannock – the last building on the right – from 6 – 9 pm includes dinner, presentation and discussion. The next one is April 27th if you can come – bring a friend if you would like – no RSVP required. Call me though if you would like to meet about your health. Thanks, Donna

  2. Hi I see that you are having a seminar on June 1 was wondering if you’re having any other ones this summer or fall I live in North Carolina now and it just is a little short notice for me to be able to get there but would definitely like to come thank you very much for your assistance

    • Hi Linda! Thank you for visiting my website – I will continue to do more events and I also plan to offer webinars online by Fall, so you may not need to travel, although it would be nice to meet you in person! I will put you on my email list for Natural Health Events that I am doing!

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