We learned early on in our education that the body maintains an internal temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit, and if that temperature varies 5-6 degrees in either direction will react with illness and possible death.   The message that was missed, possibly because of a shiny object out the window, the body has the same internal mechanism for regulating the pH balance of the blood. Many chemical responses happen in the body throughout the day to maintain a slightly alkaline balance between 7.35 and 7.45.  When the pH balance drops toward acidic or under 7, illness, disease and possible death can occur.

You can easily get test strips to see if your diet is supporting this important balance.  Typically, the strips test the alkalinity of the saliva or the urine.  The urine test is actually more accurate, simple and painless.  The test strips are simply dipped in the urine stream then checked by color for the alkalinity level with a color chart provided with the product.  For your convenience, there is a good source of test strips under the Products tab on this site.

If the urine tests acidic, it is an indication that the diet is not supporting the intricate system in the body to supply oxygen, vitamins and nutrients to the cells through digestion. If this goes on for a long period, the body will slowly break down, with warning signs along the way, to a point of dysfunction and illness or disease.  I have learned that it’s best to test first thing in the morning consistently because the alkalinity of the urine does change throughout the day depending on food intake, stress, sleep and other factors.  In the morning, the body is fresh from a long period of rest and fasting.  DOWNLOAD MY FREE eBOOK AND PANTRY SHOPPING LIST IN THE SIDE BAR OR BELOW COMMENTS.  IT IS IN PDF. FORMAT SO YOU CAN PRINT IT FROM YOUR EMAIL.  ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “Alkalinity

  1. Hi Donna ,
    I was directed to your site by a fellow CLL patient . I want to educate myself in ph balancing in order to live a healthy life . Currently the CLL is indolent but Gout and Skin Cancer run rampant . I’m
    Sure I can heal through a healthy balanced diet ; and rid myself of a deep depression that threatens to consume me , as well .
    I will not give up or in to disease ; I do need guidance to accomplish my goals though and right now I feel overwhelmed and a bit helpless. Can you help ?
    Call me confused , Diane

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