Donna LaBar
Certified Health Practitioner
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  • ONE TIME – Private Health Personalized Coaching Consultation to find balance in nutrition, and personal health, emotion and lifestyle  goals   ~
    Reboot your Health
    3 HOUR in person or via Tele-Meeting (ZOOM.US)
    $250.00 (US dollars
  • EMOTION BRAIN/BODY BALANCING TECHNIQUES –AMAZING RELIEF AND CALMING OF ANXIETY AND STRESS utilizing the tools of muscle testing Kinesiology and Biofeedback, these sessions help create quick response and change to old patterns or subconscious conditioning. 
    Change physical and mental negative patterns using these non-invasive, cutting edge approaches to brain/body health.
    LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!  Go at your own pace.
    In person or via  $100.00 per hour 

*Accepts all major credit cards and other types of payment.