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Episode 1   Waverly Wellness/Donna Florimonte & Dr. Don Strasburger
Spectra Cell, Colonics, Neuro Emotional Technique, Brain Integration, infrared sauna, digestive enzymes and probiotics, supplements and diet.

Episode 2    Donna Nelson & Tiffany Repsher
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Meridian Tapping, Matrix Re-imprinting, Relaxation and Heart-centered Breath work, Young Living Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Holistic Stress Management, Massage Therapy, biofeedback, chromo-therapy, electrical stimulus and Doterra Essential Oils.

Episode 3   David Slade/Beyond Organics & Bill Banta/Rowlands Pa.
Organic farming, sustainable farming, hydroponics, CSA, Organic herbs, herbal teas, hydroponic herbs, Health Coaching, Pennsylvania produce.

Episode 4   Sybilla Lenz/Positive Living by Design & Carol Brozzetti/Balance from Inside  Removing clutter from all aspects of life, spacial energy and arrangement, feng shui master, energy map, bagua map, Flying Star, Black Hat (BTB) feng shui, energy renewal, yoga, meditation, health restoration breathing, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, chakra workshop, Kripalu class, Soundscape meditation, Qi gong.

Episode 5    Artists Steve and Amy Colley & The Dietrich Theater – Erica Rogler
and Margie Young of the theater share the cultural art programs, foreign film festival events, block buster movies, and art exhibits all part of the offerings at the Wyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater.  Amy Griffith Colley and Stephen Colley are experienced artist in their own right and also the Artists in Residence at the Dietrich. Enjoy
free programs, art classes, pottery classes, drama classes, yoga, drumming and more.

Episode 6  Drumming with Al Cabral, Robyn Cochan, Dr. Virginia Fennelly and Sherrie Kukuchka.  Drumming to reduce stress and balance life, brain entrainment, brain integration, binaural beats, isochronic tones, shamanic beats, better health, no music background required.

Episode 7  Denise Abda and Fran Pisko,  Abda Summit Wellness and Walden Pond Massage and Wellness, Live Blood Analysis, Dried Blood Analysis, Alkaline eating, Protovite, Victory Nutrition, Zero Balancing, CranioSacral healing therapy.

Episode 8  Dr. Virginia Fennelly, DC, Tunkhannock Holistic Center, Chiropractic services, gentle low impact, Applied Kinesiology, Circle of Miracles, Guided Meditation, Drumming Circle, Yoga, Bladder control therapy, ASA Brain Body Balancing

Episode 9 Dr. Sandra Lane, DC and Amber Tewksbury, Massage Therapist traditional Chiropractic services and Cold Laser Therapy for pain reduction and weight loss, massage therapy combined with essential oil for personalized treatment, DoTerra.

Episode 10 Laura Heller and Denise Abda ASA Brain Body Balancing Therapist and
Chren spin balancing technology, frequency healing technology, frequency remedies, flower essence, total holistic body frequency and energy balancing with cutting edge technology.

Episode 11 Holly Rabbe, Acupuncturist & Norma Hayhurst, CranioSacral therapy

Episode 12 Donna Will of Inner Peace Healing & Wellness Associates, holistic and natural healing approaches, Lymphatic Therapy, Colonics, Massage, and spiritual healing modalities.

Episode 13 Heart to Heart Wellness with Donna Fetzko, Diana Krewson Nichols, Melissa Jennings and Leigh Ann Jennings on Traditional Yoga, Chair Yoga, Health Coaching, Ayurveda massage and Traditional Massage for detox and overall health reboot.

Episode 14 Maureen Whipple owner of ConTRIPutions a non-profit that organizes
retreats and trips as getaways and contributes the profits to a charity; also, Rebecca Lesko, Endless Mountains Nature Center offers the BlueBell festival each May and was the recipient of contributions from the UNPLUG & RECONNECT WITH NATURE RETREAT organized by Maureen Whipple.  Find both on Facebook.  Northeast Penna.

Episode 15 Bernadette (Bernie) Kozlowski owner of Light Your Fire Meditation.
Bernie teaches freestyle meditation and is truly amazing leading individuals with busy minds into a deep relaxing state. Bernie is gifted and provides a meditation on the show!

Episode 16  Rich Perry and Larunce Pipkin owners of Vortex Mastermind, LLC and Bankrolling Your Mind. 
This team is fun, inspiring and true motivators coaching and guiding individuals in personal growth and development.  Their unique thinking and approach brings individuals to face the fear and do it anyway, transforming their lives!

Episode 17  MUSICIANS, Chris Maruzzelli of AM RADIO and
Angelo Maruzzelli of LONDON FORCE

Father and son vocalists & musicians share their unique story’s of growth and devotion to their passions and the personal rewards from sharing with audiences.

Episode 18  Dr. Daniel Wagner of
This physician has traveled the world learning about alternative healing with natural pharmacy, herbs and natural supplements.  He utilizes cutting edge technology for testing with frequency medicine bringing a whole new level of choices to achieve wellness.

Episode 19 AUTHORS Deborah Courville/Eugenie West and also, Regge Episale
Deborah Courville published author writing historical fiction and as Eugenie West
writing engaging mystery books, she is an interesting character sharing her love and passion for great stories, she has written more than 10 books.  Author Reggie Episale shares her intrigue with writing ghost stories.  Her fascination with research and telling the stories of real local ghosts is inspiring!  Both authors provoke you to grab a book & dig in!–Air-6-4-16-mixed.mp3

Episode 20 Jessica Ann of The Happy Mama Place and Christine Mizenko of Little
Night Owls Sleeping Solutions
– Wow!  Jessica Ann a certified doula guiding Moms through their journey to an empowering birthing experience and once that baby has arrived, Christine Mizenko, certified infant/child sleep consultant, skillfully teaching the parents how to easily and successfully bring good sleep habits to a newborn or their young child.  Both women are passionate and dynamic with helping moms and new parents!  Totally amazing services to learn about!

Episode 21 Lynn Laboranti, Registered Dietitian and Cindy Cox of Evolv
Interview airs June 18th

Episode 22 Arthur Philipp, Jr. of IDLife, The Healthy Life
Health, Medical and Pharmaceuticals
Interview airs June 25th