Herbs and Spices

HERBS and SPICES have wonderful health benefits that aid in preventing disease and are helpful in recovering health from illness.  This  food enhancement group provides a spectrum of nutritional healing properties, each having unique characteristics that enhance the body’s abilility to heal.

They support the immune system, repairing damage caused by free radicals with important anioxidants, and provide potential anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties, and also, protecting against cancer and some provide relief from pain and nausea.

For EXAMPLE:  Herbs are a rich source of CALCIUM. Dried herbs contain more calcium per tablespoon than fresh herbs because the water has been removed, leaving a higher concentration of the mineral. Large quantities of calcium can be found in culinary herbs such as dried dill weed (55 mg. per tablespoon), dried thyme (51 mg. per tablespoon), dried oregano leaves (47 mg. per tablespoon), dried basil (44 mg. per tablespoon), dried rosemary (42 mg. per tablespoon) and ground sage (33 mg. per tablespoon).

BE DARING and add more spices to your recipes, enjoy the added flavor and the wonderful benefits to your health!!