Cayenne Pepper

(Capsicum frutenscens) is a shrub that grows about three feet and is native to Central America. It has small deep red conical shaped fruit. The inside of the fruit contains white seeds.

This powerful herb is considered to be a strong anti-inflammatory and an anti-irritant. It has been recogonized as a powerful pain reliever. It is also a digestive aid, it stimulates the gastric juices, aids metabolism, and helps with flatulence. It is very high in vitamin C and carotene.

Cayenne has been used in many different cultures for a variety of dishes. It is moderate to very spicy. It is available fresh, dried ground or whole.

The heat comes from the pith, the membrane that the seed grows. It is one of the ingredients in paprika. It is used to add spicy flavor to many foods including cooked greens, hot cocoa, soups, and bean dishes.