(Zingiber officinale) is distant relative of the banana that originated in India. The plant that has been naturalized and cultivated is in Jamaica, Africa, and the West Indies. It is an edible root that thrives in humid warm climates and that grows three feet high.

It is one the world’s oldest and most popular remedies. Ginger is regarded as promoting overall circulation of energy in the body and helpful for eliminating tired lethargic energy caused by illness. It aids in digestion, helpful in motion sickness, and nausea. Ginger contains gingerols that are very strong anti inflammatory that have been proven to help people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Ginger is a wonderful spice in cooked dishes. It is spicy, pungent, and hot. It is often found in curry dishes, added to fresh fruit and vegetable juices. It can be made into a tea, served with rice dishes, or used in making baked goods.