(Myristica fragrans) is a dried seed of a fruit resembling a peach or an apricot that is from a slow growing evergreen tree from the myrtle family. It is the seed that is ground into powder that is used and the outer layer is what is pulverized and called mace. Nutmeg is native to Indonesia.

The health benefits are numerous. It is a carminative, aromatic, and a stimulant. It is helpful for aching pain in the stomach, diarrhea, when taken with milk it serves as a tonic for the heart, brain and reproductive organs. It aids the circulatory system.

Nutmeg and mace have a pleasant sweet spicy aroma and flavor. Grated nutmeg is used over pies, in cakes, and hot drinks. The more intense flavor of the mace is used in pickles, mulled wine, and stewed fruit.