Alkalinity and Anti-Inflammatory Eating

Alkaline and anti-inflammatory eating allows the body to heal itself naturally.

There have been, not just one, but millions of cases of miraculous healing documented through the centuries! So why can’t that be you??? If you were suddenly scratched today, in a few days the scratch would be scabbed over and in a few weeks it would for the most part be gone. This is part of the miracle – the body not only can heal itself, that’s part of it’s design! Supporting the
body’s complex bio chemical ability to heal, BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, is not difficult, in fact it’s easy! Your body does all the complicated stuff automatically given the right ingredients.

Start today, your body will gladly cooperate. After all, if you give it exactly what it needs when it needs it, you will never find anything on the planet that operates as keenly and efficiently as the human body. Our body with over 50 trillion cells will completely replace every cell in a year. The body has the amazing ability to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees, maintain an alkaline/acid pH balance of 7.365, regulate blood sugar levels, regulate fluids, make enzymes and hormones, digest and absorb nutrients to nourish cells, regenerate healthy cells, anticipate what is good and bad for us, plus remove toxins and waste. The body is fully equipped to recover from illness or injury
and heal itself. The most amazing pharmacy is the human body!

Our health is effected by three environments which we provide. First, the food we eat to nourish our cells to maintain normal body functions. Second, the thoughts we think that either make us feel great or make us ill. And, third, our surroundings, where we live, work, play and create. Our choices and how, good or bad, they predict much of our health experiences and future.

How we nourish the body is very important in relation to what it has to offer back to us for mental and physical leverage. Like a computer, garbage in garbage out. We must have some basic knowledge of good maintenance for the body to get the most out of it. It’s exciting for me to provide some cool information and thoughts that have helped many people make all difference in their lives!

One very important fact that few know about is that our body needs to maintain a pH balance between 7.35and 7.45 in order to remain healthy. When we are born our body is alkaline and as we are exposed to the elements like food, environment and stresses, the body can become acidic. This simple fact is one
of the most common reasons we see so much illness today.Once the body drops below 7, an acidic state, health begins to decline and eventually disease is present. This process can be slow and goes from a state of just uncomfortable bouts of inflammation,heartburn or acid reflux, insomnia,
etc., in which case the individual will take over the counter drugs such as pain killers, stomach and digestive aids, stool softeners and laxatives or sleep aids. Eventually, it will be necessary to step the process of decline to the level of more complex medicines from a doctor for worsening symptoms. The
person doesn’t look at their diet or lifestyle or thoughts at this point, they just consider this normal non-life threatening health issues or a stage of aging. As the body continues with no sustenance for maintaining normal alkaline/acid levels, inflammatory issues ensue and diseases like cancer,
diabetes, MS, lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. become common diagnosis.

Cancer for instance does not grow in an alkaline base, however it does grow easily in an acidic environment. If an individual is trying to prevent or slow an ailment or disease, or is receiving treatment for cancer, it is very important to provide the body with a diet that is 75% alkaline foods and 25% acid foods to support the body through the process to recovery. This can be as easy as looking at an alkaline/acid food chart and making choices that leave your plate filled with 75% of alkaline- forming foods you have chosen and 25% of acid- forming foods. There is a basic alkaline/acid food chart attached to help you make this assessment. It’s not just common sense, so a chart will be helpful until you are comfortable. For instance, a lemon is acidic in it’s natural state, however, once ingested becomes alkaline-forming and is therefore and excellent choice. On the other hand, a banana is alkaline in it’s natural state because of it’s high potassium content, however, becomes acid-forming once
ingested because of it’s high sugar content.

Alkalinity in the body happens as a result of the mineral content in our foods.
The primary minerals that have an alkalizing effect are calcium, iron,
magnesium, manganese and potassium. In order to support the body to keep the
alkaline state, eating foods rich in the primary minerals is the key. These
minerals are all very important for pH balance and all of them have different
health benefits. It is imperative to have a diet rich in plant based, low
sugar content foods to provide the balance needed for the proper function of all
of our organs and natural healing. Our complex bio chemical system creates our
enzymes and hormones, fluctuates our fluids, runs our organs and repairs and
replaces cells non-stop, gets what it needs to perform from our food and water.

If you are curious to know where you stand, buy a pack of alkaline test strips
for urine testing. Tear off a strip and dip it in your urine stream and check
the color it turns again the chart provided with the strips. Generally a
yellow strip reveals acidic urine and a medium/dark green color strip is
alkaline. It is best to check urine as opposed to saliva because it’s best to
test after the body has ingested the food.

I mentioned environments effecting our alkaline/acid balance. Your food choices
do have a huge impact on health and so do your thoughts. Anxious thoughts and
worry naturally make the body produce cortisol and adrenaline.
These secretions are acidic. If this state becomes constant, or a way of life,
the individual can experience acidity and possibly hormonal problems in spite of
a good diet.

Another place that acidity can show up in spite of a good diet is
through extreme exercise. I have read about soda doping, where an athlete will
drink water with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to get their lactic acid level
down after an extreme demand on their body from physical exercise. It is said
that it can have a significant effect on endurance and speed due to the
alkalizing effect of the blood pH. The goal of all of this is to create and
support the perfect environment in our body to function properly. This supports
our body’s ability to utilize and produce enzymes. The most vital performer in
our existence.

Enzymes, without them, we would not be alive. We need them to eat and breath.
Our body does produce a staggering number of different types of enzymes, which
is awesome, except it does not do this infinitely and especially without the
right conditions. A poor diet and accelerated aging can cause the decline in
the bodies ability to produce enzymes. The more conscious a person is about
getting enzymes in their diet the more healthy and energetic they become.
Enzyme richness will dramatically slow the aging process and the progression of

When food is cooked beyond 116 degrees fahrenheit the enzymes are destroyed in
the process. Eating uncooked, unprocessed food is the best way to ensure your
body is getting a steady supply of enzymes. Having enzymes active in food
allows it to digest easily without as much work for the body because the food
contains the necessary enzymes for digestion. A change as simple as being
mindful to eat a live component with every meal will quickly improve digestion,
reduce acid and provide better elimination.

As a result of improving the digestive process you are rewarded with more energy
and increased mental clarity. The great news is that you experience all of this fairly
quickly. The body responds graciously when it has the right materials to work with.

There is a caveat to this, not all foods can be utilized for their full
nutritional potential without being cooked. For instance, carbohydrates
(starches) are a good example. In the cooking process, the starch molecule is
broken down with heat and water, called gelatinization, making it more enjoyable
and easier for the body to get nutrients from it. Foods like grains, root
vegetables, corn,dried beans and peas become edible and provide absorbable
nutrients by being cooked. The body creates the enzymes necessary for the
digestion of these carbohydrates. It may be necessary to supplement with
digestive enzymes if your body has trouble digesting foods that are important in
your diet. Since enzymes not only help with digestion and absorption, they also
assist in elimination, it’s imperative we get enzymes in some fashion to support
our health.

I mentioned elimination and I can’t responsibly discuss proper digestion without
covering the importance of removing waste and toxins from the body as steadily
and regularly as we put food in for nourishment. The best rule of thumb, you
should have a bowel movement after each meal, so you may go three times a day or
more. It’s important not to have prolonged diarrhea or constipation as neither
is normal and both can lead to serious illness.

With diarrhea, crucial nutrients may not be absorbed during digestion leaving the
body malnourished in spite of the fact that you are eating regularly. Constipation
can be equally debilitating. The waste after digestion and inhalation is full of bacteria,
toxins and pollutants that need to exit regularly. Constipation is a condition
created when the body, dehydrated, pulls all of the fluid out of the waste or
stool to use in our blood and lymph system to maintain the amount of fluid
necessary to function. It’s a survival skill on the part of the resourceful
body responding to the immediate crisis. Of course this fluid is septic and a
poor source of fluid in the long term. Without proper hydration, this can go on
for a long time and slowly deteriorating your health.

Proper hydration and fiber in the diet is so important for the elimination
process. Keeping the body hydrated so it can pump blood to the organs and
toxins can clear through our lymphatic system is vital. Fiber helps the waste
to move on through the body and is eliminated with ease. A constant supply of
water intake and good roughage at meal times will keep these matters in check or
keep you “regular” as the saying goes. It may be necessary to create new
routines that include keeping fresh water close by at all times. I have found
that I easily drink water all day with a supply with me in my car and at my
desk. Not hydrating leaves you feeling very tired by the afternoon. When I’m
feeling sluggish it’s my natural alarm that my body is low on fluids, I reach
for a big glass of water and amazingly get energized.

Another diet related issue with energy is the roller coaster ride your blood
sugar takes if your diet is not balanced. A balanced diet consists of
carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Proteins and fats allow the body to create
tissue and insulation, so you must eat some lean protein and healthy fats.
Carbohydrates provide calories used to make energy. The energy produced from
carbohydrates is used for our normal everyday body functions like movement,
heartbeat, breathing and digesting. There are two categories of carbohydrates,
simple and complex.

Simple carbohydrates get there name because they are simple sugars that do not
have a lot of nutritional value, digest quickly and therefore enter the
bloodstream fast. Some examples of simple carbs are table sugar, white flour
and any products with these ingredients as well as honey, molasses, jelly, jam,
fruit juices, fruit, flavored yogurts, chocolate, soda and packaged cereals,
just to name a few of the most popular.

The fast pace of current times have left most of the population chasing their
energy slumps throughout the day with caffeine and simple carbohydrates.
This is the ride that takes you to the bad lands! Caffeine giving the adrenaline
rush and simple sugars quickly raising your blood sugar for a short time leaving
you feeling awake and charged for an
instant; then the big descend to low blood sugar, which leaves you extremely
tired and wanting a big nap. You can easily get off this ride. Eliminate
simple carbohydrates, they are energy thieves!

Your addiction to caffeine will gradually disappear as the experience of intense
fatigue from swaying blood sugar is eliminated. In addition to the feeling of
exhaustion, huge peeks and valley with blood sugar is just the start of sliding
down a slippery slope with your health. Obesity, pre diabetes and diabetes are
ut of control in many societies, a huge problem for the United States. Avoiding
simple carbs and becoming mindful of how you feel when you eat, will bring you
closer to enjoying solid, stable good health. Food should make you feel charged
not exhausted. Start paying attention, being mindful,of how you feel a half hour
after a meal or snack.

Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are important in our diet and act as
fuel and give us energy. They have a more complex chemical makeup, a complex of
sugars made up of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Complex carbs take longer to
digest so they enter the blood slower, and do not cause the ups and downs in
energy of simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs are found in vegetables and whole
grains, examples of them are beans, broccoli, celery, legumes,lentils, spinach,
yams and zucchini. Complex carbs give you the most bang for you buck so to
speak. You can eat them in abundance without adding a lot of calories, and they
provide loads of vitamins and nutrients along with more hydration and fiber to
aid in digestion and elimination. Our spark or energy is fueled by enzymes,
minerals and water. Your diet should be loaded with alkaline complex
carbohydrates. This will keep your light shining brightly.

Enjoying happiness and feeling optimistic should be a normal part of life. We
are meant to live in harmony and cooperation, not competing and fighting. Part
of our internal health is what we eat but the other half is what we think. As I
mentioned earlier, we have three environments that effect our health. Eating
properly is half the battle, but thinking healthy is another huge element to
wellness. Bad thoughts, worrying and monkey mind bring on stress, anxiety,
sadness,sometimes depression and possibly disease.

All of this is extremely hard on your body. When you are stressed the body
automatically creates hormones to deal with this threatening information the body
senses. That is our fight or flight response, still keenly in place as part of our
complex bodily functions to protect us from danger.

Now you don’t need this to flee from dinosaurs as our ancestors did, but it
does signal you every single time that something feels wrong, sounds wrong or
smells wrong to you. If you could just become aware of what makes you happy
and what makes you sad or frightened, then simply embrace more of the first and
avoid the later, you would be doing a momentous boost to every cell in your body
and would make a significant improvement in your overall health and life. Your
feelings are your personal GPS by design.

Some professionals do muscle testing, applied kinesiology, to see if your body tests
weak or strong to a product, idea or question. This is an amazing way to
experience how your body instinctively knows what it believes is good for it and
what is bad.

Getting in touch with this and beginning to honor yourself by acknowledging what
does not make you happy and making changes or corrections is just as important as
being mindful to eat healthier, to feel the energy that is provided by your food, thus
make this connection of how what is in your mind and body can fuel you or make
you wilt. It may be as simple as starting to say no to things or people that no
longer support or serve you is what help you to hum along nicely.

Addressing these issues can be equally or more difficult than getting rid of the
morning java with a bagel, but the rewards are staggering and a must if you are
going to enjoy total wellness. Once you have committed to solve the hardest
issues, so many things will fall into place automatically. You will feel
better, so you will eat better and exercise willingly, relax more and sleep
peacefully. This is the cycle to strive for. Sleeping really well and waking
up refreshed is an imperative part of healthy living.

When you sleep, a nice full, long, uninterrupted sleep, your body heals and
repairs itself. This is the important part of the equation that helps keep you
from illness and disease as well as giving you prolonged youthfulness and a
creative active mind. When the mind and the diet are a mess, good sleep can
become impossible. You must work through this and there are many things to try.
You may need to try them all, but don’t stop until you have conquered any sleep
troubles you have.

First, make sure you are tired! Just being exhausted mentally isn’t enough to
get you a good night of sleep, you need to be physically tired as well. Even if
you are not mentally exhausted, you should get physical exercise to promote good
sleeping. Get in the habit of at least a walk in the morning, at lunchtime or
after dinner. The more aggressive the stroll the better. Breathing in fully to
force some good oxygen into your cells and stretching a bit too if you think of
it. All of this gets you a valuable good sleep with a fresher feeling when you
wake. Don’t avoid a chance to do physical work our lives have become way to
sedentary. Take the stairs, run to the post office, in fact run your errands!
We say we are out to run our errands, but we always take the car! Push yourself
when ever you can. Use it or lose it – they were not kidding. Remember, you
are doing all of this for delicious healthy sleep and total overall wellness.

The most typical things to help sleep are to take a warm bath in epsom salts and
a bit of baking soda and relax with soft light and music. Clear your mind and
prepare for a good night of rest. It may also help to have an herb tea that is
offered as a sleep aid such as chamomile tea, or warm milk with a hint of nutmeg
(my Grandmother’s favorite). Mineral such as calcium and magnesium also help
with sleep. Taking a magnesium supplement at bedtime is good
for sleeping and also providing your body with a mineral to assist in the repair
and detox of your body during slumber.

Other supplements like melatonin or 5-HTP can also be helpful. Which Vitamin
or vitamins can depend on your reason for insomnia. Melatonin is the most well
known for helping people get rest. It is a hormone that your body may slow or
quit making cause trouble with your internal clock. The dosage really can vary
a lot depending on the individual. Some get plenty with just 1 mg while others
will take 10 mg to get the right amount to have good rest. It’s best to start
with a small dosage and work your way up if you are trying this supplement. If
you are not taking enough you may experience vivid dreams or even nightmares, so
you will know if you need more. If you wake up short of a full night of sleep
take another and it will ease you back to sleep easily. The amino-acid, 5-htp is the
precursor to L-tryptophan which raises the serotonin level. It makes you feel
better overall and helps calm your mind. I know individuals that take 50 – 100
mg in the morning and 50 to 100 mg at night and this seems to steady them
through their day and gives them a peaceful night of sleep without using medication.

One of my favorites is reading, but listening to an audio book or use of brain integration
with binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones can also help you get in the
right state to fall asleep or help you relax. There are literally thousands of free brain
integration tones on YouTube. If you are a poor sleeper, don’t give up, keep
making the necessary changes in your life to get the rest you need. It may take
a few changes or many, take just one step at a time.

A change is usually the right medicine for many areas of your life even though
it seems like the toughest solution. We have covered changing the diet and
changing your thoughts, but ultimately it may require changing your environment.
When we live, where we work and who we spend that time with has an effect on our
life and health. Now this can be tremendously good, and you know right now if
it is or not. So you may want to start by just looking around, thinking to
yourself, what gives me joy here and what makes me anxious or causes me pain.
Again, expand and bring more into your life that brings joy and start minimizing
or changing that that makes you weak.

There are many ways to do this as well. Starting out with the realization that
you have the ability to identify these areas and then make choices to change is
all within your power and scope. The changes can start truly with just your
awareness of wanting to work toward joy and peace in your life. The rest can be
slow and subtle but all in a direction of honoring who you are and finding joy
for yourself. This does not have to be at other’s expense. Ultimately, when
you are happy and fulfilled, so will be the folks that love and care about you –
and the others, well that doesn’t really matter, they will find their way too

You may start this external environment change by just realizing what bothers
you in your own little burg. Like is your home organized and clean, your
office, your car, your gym bag, your purse. Do you have a favorite place to sit
and collect your thoughts that makes you feel good. Start here to correct what
may be bothering you. Check each thing by the I feel good or I feel bad when I
think of this item. If it doesn’t feel good, change it in some way to improve
your feelings about it.

Now extend this to your yard, neighborhood, town or city, country. Once you
have looked that over and observed your feelings about each, you may need to
just fantasize in the short run about what would be better. Make a vision board
and dream a bit about what would a better situation actually look like.
Once you have done this, now look again at your associations, jobs, friends, and
commitments. How do they make you feel. Be honest with yourself. Positive
change can be a reality only if you become aware of the things you like and don’t
like and the things you want to improve or remove.

Sometimes it helps to just identify it all in writing. A letter to yourself
about it all, the way you see it today and what you would like to see in the
future. Put this letter in an envelope, seal it and open it next year for a pleasant
surprise. Awareness and consciousness are like magic!

An ancient practice that many use to help with their surroundings is feng shui. I
have personally found this to be fun, inspirational, and goal oriented. There
are many approaches to this eastern principal which can be utilized in all areas
of your life. You can re-stage any environment you occupy to bring a different
energy to that space. I have had my homes and work spaces decorated and
configured with the help of a feng shui consultant and have always been
fascinated by the results. I have also used books and the internet to research this topic for
colors, items and ideas. I have friends who have done it to find or create
healthy relationships, better health, better careers, wealth and prosperity and
more. It is fun and interesting and creates change. Again,even just subtle
change can make a major difference.

So your health and happiness is really what this chapter is about. All of your ailments will
fade away as you Boldly change whatever you must to find joy for yourself.
Everyone that matters will be glad you did, but for the most part, do it for yourself.