Today you can CHANGE your health in a POSITIVE direction by simply eating something alive every time you have a meal or snack!  Enzymes are the MOST essential component of our body, more so than breathing and drinking water.  Without enzymes you can’t breathe, drink, eat or digest!
Enzymes are only present in uncooked food.  Once food has been cooked, the high temperature destroys the enzymes. Raw foods (I called them – foods that are alive or the live component of your meal) contain enough natural food enzymes to digest food. When you cook food the enzymes are inactivated and can no longer assist the body in digestion. Eating raw food is most acceptable with vegetables and fruit for the most part.  Sushi and some meats are served raw or rare which is also helpful.  Many foods must be cooked to be nutritionally available and enjoyed – brown rice, millet, quinoa for example.
There are three categories of enzymes: digestive enzymes, food enzymes and metabolic enzymes.  We are going to concentrate on the first two.  There are three types of digestive enzymes: Protease, Amylase, and Lipase. Each one has a different food component that it breaks down.  Protease breaks down proteins; amylase breaks down carbohydrates and lipase breaks down fats (also called lipids).
In raw vegetables and fruit the enzymes are present to digest, in the other food sources that are cooked, the body produces the enzymes we just covered.  Here’s the problem.  Our body doesn’t create an infinite amount of enzymes.
Research shows that we lose digestive enzymes through body waste, sweating and constant use, so the strength and ability of the enzymes to do their work declines.  In the processes of aging or a lifestyle of poor eating habits, the body becomes less efficient in producing digestive enzymes.  Processed food, microwave cooking, and environmental pollution can cause free radicals that lower the body’s ability to produce enzymes as well.
In order to support the body’s natural process of ingesting, digesting, repairing and regenerating healthy cells, two easy changes can be made to your diet.
First, eat a live components in every meal and minimize how much cooked foods you eat.  Small portions of cooked components, large servings of raw or live foods.  Give your body a break, and a much needed boost to support the natural healing process.
Secondly, faithfully take a good digestive enzyme supplement to aid digestion of all foods.
That’s it – Start today with a tremendous new platform to heal naturally!