When I was young, I loved to stay at my grandmother’s house.  She did everything so fun and magical.  Even when it was time for bed we wouldn’t just “go to bed”, we would sit and enjoy our sleeping potion that she made in her lovely tea cups.  It was part milk and water warmed with a hint of nutmeg and sugar in it.  She would turn the small lamp on by the bed then start to read a story book and I always thought the potion worked so great because in just minutes after I laid down to hear the story it was morning!  Of course now as an adult I realize that I was a young active healthy child with no worries and a sweet grandma by my side with a nice morning to look forward to at grandma’s house.

So in that tale are some old remedies for sleep; warm drink, cozy setting, easy book, and some loving care.  This might truly be the best medicine, but in my research I have found many more possibilities for you to try.

In studies, people with sleep problems had the highest amount of cortisol in their bloodstream, especially in the evening.  So if you need to improve your sleep you must decrease your cortisol.

Exercise helps, so does yoga or meditation, warm baths in some epsom salts, soft music, or a quiet dark bedroom with no electronics like television.

There are many supplements that can help.  Here are several natural sleep aids.  All have been shown to help individuals relax, ease stress and sleep better.  You can experiment and see which ones might work best for you.

Melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles is sometimes very effective taken as a supplement.  Also, a natural amino acid called 5-HTP, reverses serotonin deficiency and raises

Serotonin quickly.  Studies show 5-HTP decreases the time to fall asleep and reduces the number of times of night-time awakenings.

It also boosts your deep, restorative sleep.

Supplementing with B vitamins can be helpful, especially vitamin B3 as it helps make neurotransmitters like serotonin.  Vitamin B6 helps minimize the effects of stress on the body and is also essential in creating serotonin.  It is probably best to take the B vitamins in a complex like B-100.

Calcium and Magnesium and extremely important minerals for your overall health and work well as sleep aids.

Herbal teas like Calm or Sleep Ease are also good as well as Green Tea as it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that stops the stimulating effects of caffeine and has an overall calming effect.

Everyone is different in the area of sleep, naps and overall rest.  Do whatever it takes to get sufficient healthy rest.