Many times I have been asked to meet with someone that is trying to sort out a new diagnosis. They are generally filled with stressful thoughts because a doctor has told them that they have pre-cancer cells, cancer or some other debilitating illness or disease.  The hormones created by your stress actually create a better environment for your illness or disease to spread and flourish.   The production of cortisol and adrenaline, your fight or flight response, when you are stressed creates a huge amount of havoc in your body. Chronically high cortisol interferes with digestion, immune function, sleep, and the body’s ability to produce other essential hormones, such as DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormone. Over time, unrelenting cortisol production can contribute to excess abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and aches and pains from inflammation. It demands too much from the adrenal glands and affects DHEA production, which in turn compromises bone health, immunity, mood, and sex drive.

When the adrenal glands become compromised, it’s harder for them to make cortisol. Instead, extra adrenalin is produced to compensate, which can make us irritable, shaky and downright mean.  Adrenal fatigue can cause low blood sugar, anxiety, inability to concentrate, lightheadedness on standing, allergies, and low blood pressure.  This contributes to bouts of total exhaustion that eventually become a way of life.

The good news is this pattern can be reversed, and yes it is a pattern of thinking.  Through better diet, reducing stress related areas of your life and becoming more familiar with your emotional guidance system you can change this pattern of destruction in your body.

Getting someone to visualize something bad happening in their body every time they dwell on fruitless thoughts and worry has been the easiest way for me to get them to stop in their tracks and change their thoughts.  Since I have taught them how an alkaline diet retards the growth of cancer cells and inflammation, and an acid environment is a perfect host for cancer cells and increases inflammation,  I ask them to visualize a hose squirting acid into their body whenever they are stressing about something.

Using any technique you can find to get relaxed and free yourself of bad thoughts is just as important as all of the other important things to do for getting yourself back to good health naturally.

Yes, I know you have received really bad news and your life is turned upside down.  I have had it happen to my family and was forced to find healthy ways for us to cope.

When my daughter was going through her chemotherapy, it was mostly in hospital and she had to endure such difficult things that kids shouldn’t have to know about.  When she was going through a rough time, I would have her close her eyes and I would guide her through a visualization that she loved.  At the time she loved horses and had taken riding lessons at a small farm that taught the young rider all aspects of horse care.  She had to be there for three hours with only one hour actually for riding.  When she arrived she would walk up to the paddock and get her horse, or try to catch one depending on their mood, and bring it down to the barn and prepare it for riding, tack up and head to the ring.  After her lesson, she removed the tack and put it away, cleaned her horse and took him back to the field then mucked out a few stalls before I arrived to pick her up.  I would create this scene for her in her mind, every detail that I could think of I would describe to her so she could put herself there and change her thoughts about what was happening around her.  She loved this and it soothed her and calmed her down when nothing else helped.

Another great stress reducer is to talk with someone close or someone who has been through what you are experiencing, so you can really get it out on the table what your greatest fears are and begin to work through them.  I learned that there are so many support groups out there for the most difficult illnesses.  If there isn’t one, you should start one in your area because you are definitely probably not suffering alone with this.  I’m sure there is someone going through a similar tough situation that wishes there was a support group that would help them through it.  So you say you are not a groupie and that is not your thing.  Sometimes just going once allows you to meet someone that you resonate with that you can get together with independent of the group.

This reminds me of a story of someone in our hometown, a lovely woman I had met through a real estate transaction, Joanna Bach, was doing a casual women’s healing support group she called “circle” in her home.  I’m sure she has no idea how many lives she helped by offering this, but it was a wonderful chain effect.  There were usually 12 to 15 women that came.  It was the first Monday of each month at 7:00.  The women would sit around in a circle.  Joanna would lead with some nice thoughts she had or things she new about in our town and then would turn to the person to her right and offer up the “talking stick”.  When you held the talking stick in Circle, you had the floor, everyone else had to hush and listen to your story.  Your story could be whatever you were going through in life at the time or maybe some good things that have turned around for you.  Sometimes new people felt awkward, so Joanna had cards spread on the floor in the center face down that had all different one word topics on them like ~ truth, confidence, health, finance, love, guidance, etc. and if you would like, you could pick a card and just tell what that card topic meant in your life.  Women would meet new friends this way that had similar stories and would create new friendships outside of this circle.  This was popular, effective and  always well attended by new faces.  Joanna is a non-denominational minister now and offers her support and loving guidance in a broader scope, but still makes time occasionally for a “circle” gathering in her home.

There are other things like massage, reiki, pressure point therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, music therapy, deep breathing routines, and exercising.   Basically, anything that makes you feel the least bit better is worth trying .  The bottom line is, the distraction of a different thought or activity is helpful and healthy at the same time.