My Story

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I’m an avid reader with an unquenchable interest in the science behind nutrition and how the body works to heal itself. This topic kept me entertained for years and allowed me to casually mention nutritional healing facts to friends and family if the conversation went there.  Everything snapped into focus the moment my daughter, age 12, was diagnosed with advanced Acute Myeloid Leukemia with the probability of two weeks to live.  Instantly, all that research and reading had tremendous purpose.  Everything I knew about recovering the body to wellness was implemented and put to the test.  My daughter’s recovery changed my life and my passion to give back was high.  

Now, as a certified Integrative Health Coach and with a different approach to eating and getting nutrients, I help others find a healthy weight, improve common health issues, disturbing illnesses and seemingly untreatable diagnoses, giving hope again were hope was lost.

Understanding the importance of pH balance and how to achieve it, the role enzymes play in health and how to easily support the body with them, how to get sleep, reduce stress, have better elimination all to dramatically improve health. 

The knowledge and ability to nutritionally heal the body is so empowering.  It’s the information our society needs right now.  Reducing illness and healthcare issues is within our reach as individuals and as a society, this site demonstrates the way.  

I wrote Simple. Natural. Healing. with Morgan James Publishing and also I HAVE WRITTEN A FREE eBOOK available right now by clicking the tab here on the top of my website and download it to your email. You can start the healing process today! Blessing to you~ Donna