About Donna LaBar

Donna LaBar is an author and popular inspirational speaker on physical and emotional wellness.  Certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an Emotion Code practitioner, Donna not only coaches and consults on personalized nutrition, but also provides techniques for emotional balancing and clearing old patterns skillfully using kinesiology and biofeedback.  Donna’s expertise and approach is sought by many and she enjoys witnessing the amazing health and life transformations of her clients.

Donna is the author of Simple. Natural. Healing.: A Commonsense Approach to Total Health Transformation and the coauthor of Life Reimagined: Women’s Stories of Hope, Resilience & Transformation and contributor to Energy of Healing.  She is also a guest contributor to Aspire Magazine—the premiere inspirational magazine for women.


A Private Session with Donna

Speaking & Media

Along with her work with private clients and groups, Donna is a sought-after public speaker, corporate presenter and workshop leader invited back time and time again for her engaging style and powerful content.  Her signature corporate talk is How to Relieve Anxiety and Stress Naturally and is very popular.

She also works with corporations and organizations to offer a variety of offerings including: Lunch and Learn Programs (virtual or live), Wellness Participation in the Workplace and more.

Donna is also available for podcasts, radio shows and intentional summits and will inspire and empower your audience to take the steps to rock their midlife health journey.

Some of her empowering topics include:

  • Break Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns Using the Emotion Code™
  • Release Self-Limiting Beliefs So You Can Live a Vibrant Life
  • How to Release Trapped Emotions so You Can Live, Love & Heal at Your Highest Vibration
  • Balance Body, Mind & Soul with The Emotion Code™
  • Accessing Your Subconscious Knowledge Through Muscle Testing

Custom topics are also available upon request.

To learn more about Donna’s corporate wellness programs, keynotes and workshops, please complete the contact form here.